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one conversation
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What would your life be like if ...

you could clear clutter?

manage your time?

feel healthy?

not worry about money? 

do a job you love?

succeed in your own business?

focus on having fun?

stay motivated?

present without anxiety?

get unstuck?

let go of a past that no longer serves you?

live feeling passion and fulfillment?

stop wondering "is this it"?


actually have enough time to take care of yourself as well as enjoy your family and friends?


maybe you just need clarity about what

you really want or what you should do.


If you are ready to make a change right now and begin living up to your potential…

Let's talk!




start talking


Coaching is… a collaborative partnership.

As your coach, I will be your confidante, sounding board, objective set of ears,

the one who asks the tough questions

and your most enthusiastic cheer leader.


Some Benefits Of Having A Life Coach:


Set value based goals that motivate you in a healthy way. 

Reach and/or accomplish goals, tasks and projects more quickly and with less effort.

Develop qualities you desire such as leadership authenticity, passion and/or integrity, etc. 

Build a better life, as well as a better lifestyle.

Communicate more effectively and succinctly and

as a result, be much more effective and influential with others.

Learn how to be a lot happier and make your happiness last.

Get and stay motivated.

Have a healthy source for support and productive feedback to help you move to the next level of your professional and personal life.

Learn how to take action and interpret feedback in order to create more success in life.

Use tools and techniques to reduce/eliminate or

solve problems.

Develop skills to build teams as well as be an asset as a part of a team.

Gain ideas you never thought of.

Attain a stronger sense of belief and self-confidence.

Make impactful changes that will be likely to make you more money in your career, profession or business. 

Saves you time and resources by getting you better results faster.


If you ever think:

"There Has to be a Better Way."...Contact us now to learn more and schedule a complimentary session.

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your greatest self.


Together we will examine what is going on in your life or your career right now; look at where you are and where you want to be, discover the obstacles or challenges preventing you from closing that gap and then create and implement the best possible course of action to make

your relationships, career, finances and life be what you want it to be.


On the way, we will explore your wants, needs, desires, beliefs, strengths, gifts, values and talents so we will know your new life is in alignment with who you really are!


your life.


As your coach, I will support you each step of the way in an atmosphere of unconditional acceptance and empowerment to:

  • get clarity and discover what's really most important to you in your personal and professional life, your present conditions and your future directions.

  • help you design a motivating and achievable action plan and actually accomplish that plan. 

  • be accountable, focused and stay on track while creating a healthy life balance.

  • work on eliminating any obstacles, blocks or limiting beliefs that stand in your way of having what you desire. 

  • really hear what you say, what you don’t say, what’s under what you say and ask for clarification.

  • assist you in gaining and utilizing valuable and useful insight into yourself.


  • partner with you all the way to celebrating your success!

Coaching by phone, 

in person, Facetime

or Skype.




"I have been working with Karen on and off for over 10 years now. Four exciting jobs and two big promotions later,

I am getting ready for my next big career challenge and am glad to have Karen helping me prepare. Her process for a career plan works! Besides an income which is more than 4 times where I started, my ability to grow personally, professionally and enjoy life has grown equally.”


F.C.,  Director, Finance






“Highly energetic and upbeat, Karen will inspire you and draw out your hidden talents, helping you to stretch your comfort zone in ways and across dimensions that you would not have imagined.

You will never be the same again.”


T.B., Financial Analyst



"I am working with Karen on

areas in both my personal

life and my professional life.

She has helped me to make tremendous progress in both

areas. She has taught me time management and organizational skills, public speaking skills,

as well as personal and

professional communication

skills. In the short time frame I

have been working with her,

I have become more organized, more confident, and have begun

to meet some goals that I have wanted to meet for quite some

time. She works with me in a

very positive manner and

helps me to stay on track. She is very experienced in many areas

so I would highly recommend

her as a coach."


T.C., Mortgage Officer/VP

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