Presentation/Career/Life Balance/Empowerment


Presentation Coaching - Stage fright?    Do you find yourself

dreading your upcoming presentation or important meeting? Is your

fear of speaking in public holding you back in your life or career?   


Or are you just looking to communicate your point more effectively and convincingly?  


Whether it’s your first presentation or your four hundredth; master the

steps necessary to create, organize and perfect your presentation so delivery feels like “just” the next step.


Clients report that they are now able to communicate with more power

and confidence. You can too. Don’t let those butterflies stop you ~ we

can train them to fly “in formation.”    


As your coach, I am willing to attend events for professionals, executives and entrepreneurs who want to expedite their progress. 


Career Coaching -  If you feel unsatisfied in your present career, are in transition, underpaid or under-employed, or just don't know what you could do that would be fulfilling, you are reading this for a reason.

I have the tools and a proven method  for helping individuals discover their life purpose. 

Together we will identify your values, the actions that bring you satisfaction and create a strategy for you to find the career or position that will fulfill you. 


Life Balance brings Satisfaction! - Through exploration, getting to know yourself, and your "operating systems;"  coaching will give you the tools and skills you need to attract and develop exactly what is necessary to live a deliberate, fun, and fulfilling life. This is an opportunity to examine and achieve goals to improve all areas of your life including your relationships, health and wellness, financial well being, spirituality, personal development, physical environment, career and even fun and enjoyment.

It can be done!  


Empowerment - Since beliefs create most of the conditions in our life, together we will identify the beliefs that serve you as well as the beliefs that limit you. When you can envision and get clear about the life you most want, you can create it. Isn't it time you start living a deliberate life?

Entrepreneurial -  Most people start a business because they believe in their product or are passionate about offering a service. But running a business involves much more than knowing you product or service and the "business side of things can be overwhelming and challenging. Working with a coach who has extensive experience as an entrepreneur can cut your learning time, increase confidence and most importantly maximize profits in a shorter period of time. 


My Personal Definition of Coaching

Coaching is a collaborative partnership created to support you

in discovering, exploring and expressing your innate/God-given

talents, gifts and genius in an atmosphere of unconditional

acceptance and empowerment. 

As your coach, I will encourage and help you to listen to your heart,

trust your intuition and live your truth. From this process, you will

discover your own personal and unique path to success. Together

we will travel the journey of growth to overcome the "stops" in your

life and live the life you want.

I truly believe you can do, be and have your heart's desire, be all

you are meant to be and live the life of your dreams.