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Learn the art of Zentangle®  Tap into your creativity and open yourself to a whole

new world of possibility! Zentangle® is a relaxing method of drawing beautiful, repetitive patterns, is easy-to-learn, and is often described as "meditative art". It

is fun, calming and effective for problem solving, boosting creativity, increasing attention span or focus and reducing stress while resulting in beautiful artistic creations. Also useful if you want to teach your clients or others to relax, focus

and breathe... Come learn Zentangle! Get yourself and your family and friends

in the zone! Best of all, no experience or artistic talent is necessary. Basic and advance classes are taught monthly. Call for more info.

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Source Painting

Source Painting allows you to trust your intuition and paint from your feelings in an  an open, supportive, non-competitive and non-judgmental atmosphere. It is for anyone desiring to awaken their artist’s soul. It will rekindle your sense of freedom

as it positively benefits and affects other (perhaps unexpected) areas of your life.

This is an opportunity to allow your psyche and inner wisdom to guide and lead

you through a genuinely transformative process that will result in increased self confidence, an inner release of emotions and an appreciation of your own creativity. 

This workshop is for you if you have ever considered painting but never thought you could, as well as for anyone who is trained in the arts and is seeking an opportunity

to explore and expand the source of their creativity. Past participants report having

“a profound experience.”



Creativity for the Creatively Undiscovered!

Adapted from the work of Julia Cameron author of The Artist's Way. Come to this weekly group and gain the support and benefits of growing all areas of your life through creativity. Explore, discover, gain insight, learn, have a fun, and experience

a real grown up adventure. Enjoy the thrill of remembering and re-meeting your creative self.

12-week group. 



Law of Attraction

You saw the movie… you read the book… you tried visualizing, wishing, etc... so,

why are you still right where you started?


If you are still having difficulty making the Law of Attraction work in your life; this workshop will provide you with a clear, no nonsense guide to help you make the

Law of Attraction work for you.

You will learn the tools and techniques to help you enhance the areas of: relationships, career, health, self-empowerment as well as help you align with

your desire and purpose. Experience coaching in the practical application of this

Law and experience well-being and clarity in your vision and ideal life.

If you are truly interested in vastly improving your life, and knowing more

about using the Law of Attraction effectively;  sign up now!



Largely Awesome

8 Weeks~ Ideas~ Inspiration~ To­o­ls~ Techniques~ Supp­ort~ Encouragement~ Mo­tivation


Are you tired of “being good” for a while and then falling off your plan?

Are you tired of hearing people say, “just eat less and exercise more?”

Are you tired of feeling like they just don’t get it?


What if you can talk with a group of people who...

... "get you" and this constant battle?

          ...  have felt the same disappointment?

Clients report that when they feel connected, they eat less. 

Largely Awesome… 

Is about baby steps.


It's all about connection... It’s about connecting with others so you can take small steps toward doing what you know you need to do and get support to keep doing it.

This is a pro-active group of truly plus size ladies that are serious about sharing, supporting others and discovering successful ways to change. 

I believe we CAN make changes; not because we’re focusing on and forcing ourselves to exercise more and eat less, but because we start caring about each other, ourselves and our life.

So come, explore with others, learn new ideas, acquire additional resources, tools and techniques.  Get support, inspiration, motivation and encouragement and best

of all, have a dedicated group that allows and encourages you to just BE! 

Losing weight is a bonus, but if you participate, I believe it can happen.

Call to see if this group is right for you.